The Usage Of Driving Range Netting

Each part of a driving range is important to the whole thing. Lots of parts are needed to keep things comfortable, relaxing, and safe for all patrons. That is exactly why every piece needs to be of the highest quality, such as the driving range netting that they use.


When people think about "nets," they may just think of the nets that you can get in bulk at some sports supply store. Many of these are not that strong, and because of their purpose, they have to be. In general, these nets are custom made by driving range netting companies that make netting for various sports and other purposes.


The driving ranges use these nets to enclose all or different areas of them. They are often placed around for more privacy. They also work to keep golf balls from flying out of bounds, which is why they need to be made of durable interiors. Many of these are also coated to protect against sun, fires, and more.


It is surprising that these nets are mainly custom made. They seem to be hardly noticed but they are an integral part of the course. I think that the engineering that goes into these nets is really cool.

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